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Ballistic Firearms is committed to providing the highest levels of standard service and training to Industry Stakeholders, individual students, small business, ranges, associations and communities.


Working in partnership with all stakeholders we strive for excellence in legal compliance, safety, responsibility, sporting excellence, conservation & environmental management standards and community education.

11029NAT Course in Firearms and Weapons Safety (Approved for Firearms Licensing in Queensland) Specialists 


Delivered by Ballistic Training Solutions this course meets the requirement in Queensland under the Weapons Act 1990 that licence applicants complete a course approved by the Commissioner of Police in firearms/weapons safety training.


It prepares Weapons Act licence applicants who may be deemed to be fit and proper persons and with genuine reasons under the Weapons Act 1990 with the knowledge and applied skills to possess and use firearms/weapons lawfully, responsibly and safely so making them eligible to obtain Qld Weapons Act licences in one or more of the following categories of firearms/weapons based on the genuine needs of the individual:


Categories of Training Provided A, B, C, D, H & M Depending on the genuine needs test for applicants under Queensland Legislation.




The image, reputation, safety and longevity of our sports, recreational and occupational use of firearms is each licence holders responsibility. Ensure you maintain an positive profile and image in relation to your obligations and insist the same from others.

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