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Ballistic Firearms Mission Statement

Ballistic Firearms is committed to providing the highest quality services to the community to:

  • Assist Community & Business to develop its Workforce Capabilities

  • Assist Clients to reach their learning potential

  • Assist in community safety awareness strategies

  • Develop Community knowledge & skills

  • Advocate risk management principles to the community through its programs

  • Promote best practice in quality management, safety systems and environmental planning strategies.


Ballistic Firearms provide firearms safety training programs required as part of new license applications to ensure that participants:

  • Are aware of their individual responsibilities in applying for a license

  • Meet the set requirements for participation in Safety Course as outlined in State legislation Demonstrate their competence in safe handling practices

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the legislative requirements as a license holder

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of storage and transportation requirements

  • Can continue in their own capacity to further develop their knowledge and advocate safe firearm ownership practices through their participation in the sport or professional activities.  


Ballistic Firearms support local community groups, industry associations, government agencies, licensed clubs/ranges, sporting associations and local business which are all key to supporting the development of sporting activities and success in their regions.

Ballistic Firearms Mission Statement
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